Michigan Dialysis Services

A UM clinical partnership with Renal Research Institute

Services & Treatments

When you’re faced with a serious diagnosis like chronic kidney disease (CKD), a dozen questions quickly come to mind: “What is CKD?” “What treatments are available for it?” And “is a kidney transplant an option for me?” This section may help answer some of the questions you have.

Kidney Diseases

  • Kidneys are essential to filter waste products from the blood
  • Dialysis cleans the blood and restores fluid/electrolyte balance
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Choosing Treatment

  • Two options are available: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis
  • You can receive treatment at home or in the clinic
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  • Under the right circumstances, a transplant may be possible
  • U-M’s Transplant Center can evaluate you
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Interpreter Services

  • If English is your second language or you’re unable to hear, you can request an interpreter to communicate for you
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